Film Run Time: 1hr 38 minutes

LODGE POLE PRESENTS aWilliam Eigen film

The Jingle Dress" tells the story of Desert Storm war vet John Red Elk as he moves his family off the Ojibwa reservation in rural northern Minnesota, to the inner core of Minneapolis to investigate the mysterious death of his long lost Uncle Norton. Mostly seen through the eyes of his ten year old daughter, we follow this family as they experience the foreign culture of an urban big city and gain a new understanding and appreciation for their own Native American roots.

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Chaske Spencer (The Twilight Saga Films), Steve Reevis (Fargo, Dances With Wolves), Kimberly Guerrero (The Sopranos, Hidalgo), Brandon Oakes (Into The West), Stacey Thunder (Crash, Tallulah, Native Report)


Received 6 Nominations at The 39th Annual American Indian Motion Picture Awards Show brought by the American Indian Film Institute

Nominations Received For:

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One of the few movies about Native Americans that rings true.
One of the few intimate Native American films that feels authentic. A close a family story and mystery thriller
Edited by
Dan Geiger
Meighan Mcguire
Executive Producer
Rand Levy
Creative Producer
Dorothy Sams
Greg Winter
Written, Produced and Directed by
William Eigen